Laser epilation with a diode laser

Laser hair removal with a diode laser is the most modern method of hair removal with an impeccable reputation. Its wavelength is 808-810 nm, which is much longer than that of other types of lasers. In addition, the new generation of EPILA devices is the only device on the market that combines the proven technology of a 808 nm diode laser with radio frequency energy, thanks to which the EPILA device can effectively and especially safely remove hair of all shades for all skin types (type I .-VI.) The laser is supplemented with a powerful bipolar radio frequency that works in conjunction with the laser. It is the first diode laser to combine two energy sources for more efficient and safer hair removal. The pigment in the hair follicle absorbs the laser beam. If the hair is lighter in color, it is also exposed to RF waves operating in the deeper layers, where the roots are destroyed, including the bulb. The laser has a special tip that continuously cools the skin, making the procedure virtually painless. The laser has been certified and tested by SGS in the UK. The manufacturer has FDA and CE certificates for laser hair removal. Modern diode-laser hair removal is practically painless, and side effects are reduced to zero - it is simply impossible to get a burn.

Cosmetic services

From time immemorial, women have sought to look as beautiful and younger as possible. But how to correct the mistakes of nature and age-related defects in appearance? Obtaining the desired cosmetic effects is not an easy task, requiring the efforts of different sciences. In our beauty studio, we resort to therapeutic cosmetology, which allows us to achieve a slowdown in the aging process and a rejuvenating effect through a special effect on the skin. For example, the following methods will help to achieve the desired results in the fight against defects: hardware cosmetology, ultrasound, laser techniques, various cleaning methods, injections. With the use of different types of peeling, masks, mesotherapy, etc., it is possible to cope with wrinkles, skin formations, age spots, dilated vessels, stretch marks, cellulite, excessive fat deposits and much more. Regardless of the nature of cosmetic procedures, the priorities of our studio are sterility, non-invasiveness, hypo allergenicity and attention to age-related changes. We use cosmeceuticals that have passed clinical trials and are approved for use on the European market.

Body care

Every woman wants to look perfect. Taking care of the beauty of your own body has long turned from a luxury into a necessity. Regular home body care is the foundation of an ideal figure. However, salon procedures allow you to achieve the desired result much faster and more efficiently. When we talk about body care in the office of our beauty studio, we are talking about a professional approach that combines hardware cosmetology with cosmetic preparations. Such a highly effective manipulation can solve several local problems at once, ranging from puffiness removal, elimination of skin sagging to getting rid of cellulite. We offer patented systems for cellulite treatment, cold and hot wraps, mesotherapy for the body and scalp, enzymatic body peeling and much more. In our studio you can also purchase home care products that allow you to achieve the desired effect much faster.